Zombie Apocalypse Prep & Other Autumn Musings

Well, it looks as if fall might be upon us.



It may have actually been upon us for a while, but I’ve been in denial. 😉


Despite my reluctance to acknowledge the change in seasons, however, I’ve still managed to get us mostly ready for winter. Firewood has been delivered and stacked (in every available nook and cranny) in the garage…



…I’ve started cleaning out the garden…


…and my pantry shelves are more or less filled with this year’s canning efforts. (They were more filled, but then some jars went home with one of my daughters…hence the less so. 😉 )




So as it stands now, we’re good for at least a couple of months of hiding out if the zombie apocalypse hits. And if it doesn’t, I will happily enjoy the summer’s harvest while cuddling in front of a cozy fire all winter long…especially after Giant Dog drags me out on our walks in sub-sub-zero temperatures.

Memories of winter past…and this one’s supposed to be just as cold. *shudder*

That does it. I’m going back into denial again! 😛




7 responses to “Zombie Apocalypse Prep & Other Autumn Musings”

  1. sstogner1 Avatar

    will you eat all the canned food? That is a LOT of canned stuff… That yellow tree is gorgeous!

    1. Linda Avatar

      The food will see three of us through the winter and spring, Sharon, plus supplement one daughter who’s moved out, plus give me some leftovers (particularly in the pickle department) that will reduce next year’s canning activities. Theoretically. 😉

  2. Carol Pal Avatar
    Carol Pal

    You are tooooo. farrrrr. awayyyyy!!!! Sadness. I feel sadness and envy.

    1. Linda Avatar

      I am too far away, yes. It would be so much fun to be closer. You could take me on some of those hikes of yours and whip me into shape, and I could feed you in exchange. 🙂

  3. Darke Conteur Avatar

    Nice pantry! I’d love to be able to do that!

    1. Linda Avatar

      Maybe I’ll move down to Kingston one of these years and I can give you lessons, Darke! 😉

      1. Darke Conteur Avatar

        I can hardly wait! 😀

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