Writing the Supernatural Thriller

(This post originally appeared in September 2013 on Urban Fantasy Land)

Like many people, I’m fascinated by the possibilities in the world of the paranormal. I’ve dabbled in the Tarot, am intrigued by Earth-based religions, and firmly believe in unseen energies (remind me to tell you about my experience with a Ouija board one time…not fun). Not content to play in just one world, however, I’m equally fascinated by the hard reality of a cop’s life. I’m married to a cop, always wanted to be a cop, and was a police dispatcher for almost three years.

As you can probably imagine, one of these worlds not at all like the other. And because I’m a writer, the idea of bringing them together was just too much fun to pass up.

Enter the Grigori Legacy series, where my two favorite worlds collide—with some devastating results. Alexandra, a hardened detective, accustomed to dealing in forensics and facts, faces not only the unexplained, but the inexplicable. Crimes are committed by those who cannot be caught, not everyone who looks human is so, and humanity’s very survival is threatened by a war between beings that can’t really exist—but do.

In a nutshell, cop meets angels…and all Hell breaks loose.

The resulting series is part police procedural, part paranormal, part love story, and yes, all supernatural thriller. The clash of so-called myth and reality, the enormous effort it takes for Alex to wrap her head around the resulting new reality, the struggle for her to continue doing her job in a world that has just been turned inside out…all this and more has become my new playground.

And so I ask you: what’s not to love about playing with warrior angels and cops…all at the same time? 🙂



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