Without a Trace: Where have all the Tweeple gone?

Every so often, as I’m looking up followers on Twitter, I come across someone who hasn’t posted for months or even years. It’s odd. They post regularly for the longest time, sometimes several times a day, and then…nothing. It’s as if they’ve disappeared from the face of the planet, leaving behind a fading Internet footprint, and I can’t help but wonder–and yes, even worry–about what happened to them, especially given the tone of some of their last posts.

From 6 months ago: “so shall it be, then…in every part of me there’s still a part of you”  Ah, sweetie, you’ve lost someone, haven’t you? I’m so, so sorry…wherever you are, ((hugs)).

2 years ago:  “worried” Tell us…sometimes it helps to share…

5 months ago: “without love, is life hopeless?” Never…because love is so much more than you think, and if you look around, you already are loved.

6 months ago: “why is it that the men that i like are always the one’s that are not good for me? why dont i want the good 1’s??” I so hope that you find the one you need…the very best one.

A few days after Christmas: “Driving up to hamilton today to get my munckins from their dad sooo excited can’t wait to see them” Did you arrive safely? Are they okay? I hope you had a wonderful time with them…

6 months ago: “Considering coming out of hiding…” Do. There are so many wonderful people in the world who would love to get to know you.

With more than 500 million users signed up on Twitter (as of January 2012), this is an infinitesimal sampling of those who have dropped off…gone without a trace, leaving their last comments to linger for as long as the Internet survives. As I run across them in my Twitter travels, I think I’ll continue to take a moment to acknowledge their absence with a hope that wherever they are, their lives worked out okay.

And one day, when I inevitably go silent there, perhaps someone out there will miss me and do the same. 🙂


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