The winter of our discontent

Mother Nature apparently didn’t get my memo about wanting a nice, calm 2014.


I woke to this outside my front door this morning–actually I woke too early to take a photo because it was still dark, but the picture didn’t change much over an hour or so. That’s ice you see on the street stretched out there. Apparently the entire city (and much of Southern Ontario, I believe, is encased in it. It’s well above freezing right at the moment, but the Arctic winds are currently roaring into the area and we now have a flash freeze warning in effect–and an extreme wind chill warning.

All this on top of the chaos winter has already wreaked across a good portion of the Maritime provinces, the States, and the UK.

A calm start to 2014? Not even close.

But while we can’t do much about the weather besides grumble, we can do much to keep ourselves–and others–safe. If you’re in an area that’s been hit by power outages such as Newfoundland has, take a few minutes to check in on your neighbours to make sure they’re okay…especially the elderly and those who may need some assistance. If your area has turned into a deep freeze, drop off unused winter clothing and/or blankets to a shelter for distribution to the homeless. Those of you who face extreme road conditions can do your part by limiting travel until crews have had a chance to clear and sand/salt the streets and highways–and if you do have to go out, make sure you have an emergency vehicle kit with you just in case.

Bottom line: be careful out there, stay safe, and take a few moments to help where you can.



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2 responses to “The winter of our discontent”

  1. Diane Avatar

    I’ve already gotten my fill of winter; we have snow 6 feet high and today ice as you stated with a chance of flash freeze. Spring, where are you???

    1. Linda Avatar

      I hear you, Diane…our January weather started in November this year. It’s going to be a loooonng winter at this rate. 😛

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