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Suzie Ivy of Bad Luck Detective fame is a multi-tasker who puts me to shame. Not only does Suzie work full-time as a cop after going through police academy at the age of 45 — it’s okay, I’ll wait while you re-read that last bit and gape in awe …recovered, now? Good. As I was saying, not only does Suzie work as a police officer, and write about her adventures (Bad Luck Cadet is available now), and look after a house and garden and horse, but she runs three blogs! Seriously. o.O

As a person who finds it difficult to remember to post on one blog (and even then, only occasionally…but you were too polite to point that out, right?), I am duly humbled by her productivity. I was also thrilled when she asked if I would like to guest post on one of her sites, Reading & Writing, One Word at a Time — which is where I am today. Well, I will be when I stop rambling on here and get on with it. 😉

The topic? What it’s like to be the writer wife of a cop. Come check it out and say hi! 🙂



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  1. Vladimir Avatar

    Just read your guest post, and wish to say that I greatly admire your job (that you loved) sacrifice, for such a noble cause. No need for a greater token of love for your man. Respect.

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