The Week in Pictorial Review (November 2)

So it turns out that I was wrong in my last newsletter…Facebook says it isn’t going to take page posts out of people’s newsfeeds. Yet. But I suspect it may only be a matter of time until they follow through on the idea (or some equally annoying one ::rolls eyes::), and so I thought I’d continue with my idea of putting up some of my favourite pictures here at the end of each week…if only to make sure I actually put up an occasional blog post.** 😀 

Here’s what went on this past one. 🙂

No week is complete without a pic of Itty Bitty at her best…and most toothy!


Hubby did the decorating in the yard this year, and it was unanimous among our visitors. Best. Display. EVER. 🙂


We’re working on combining two offices into one now that hubby is working from home. These were the shelves I put up last weekend. Can you spot what I missed entirely until AFTER I was done? 😀


All 485 spring flower bulbs made it into the ground! And now I’ll spend the next few weeks finding and replanting the ones the squirrels dig up and taste, until they finally figure out there’s nothing in there that they like! Woo! 😛

**No clue what I’m talking about because you’re not subscribed to my newsletter? You can remedy that here. 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I’ll see you at the end of next week!





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