This Week in the Garden

It’s mid June and summer is racing ahead with glorious abandon! I love, love, love this time of year when growth becomes riotous and every day seems to bring something new to the garden…a bloom here, a new volunteer there, a whole swath of colour somewhere else — pure magic that happens almost overnight.

Here’s some of what I found on my tour this week:

The asparagus in its fern stage…well over 7 feet tall!
Daisies in the foreground, blue campanula starting at the back
Cranesbill geraniums
When we moved into the house 19 years ago, I dug out a peony bush from the back yard & discarded it. Two years later, I found one just like it growing in my front garden. I decided to leave it there, and today I have three separate clumps growing–none of which I planted! This is the larges of the bushes, measuring a good four feet in diameter now. I’m glad they knew better than I did! 😉
My mystery curcurbit — a volunteer that came up in a place where I have room to leave it. Could be a squash. Could be a melon. Could be a cucumber. Only time will tell. 🙂
SO exciting to see the tomatoes beginning to blossom!
Some of the fun that comes with a long-term garden takes the form of stories behind the plants. This climbing rose, for instance. Three years ago, I dug it out completely — or so I thought — because I’d decided it was too much trouble to maintain (and because I wanted to turn the bed along the house into a cold frame for winter gardening). Roses, however, are a lot more determined than I thought, and this one has also survived multiple excavation attempts by our dog. We’ve reached an agreement of sorts these days. I spend a couple of hours in the spring pruning and tying (so I can access my garden gate), and it rewards me with this.
Multiple varieties of lettuce are thriving. Talk about salad days! 😉
Potted annuals out by the pool

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour…stay tuned for updates as things continue to grow and change. 🙂


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