We Interrupt this Blog Post…

So. Today is Social Media Monday on my blog…the time and place where I’m supposed to impart some gem of wisdom or another to you that I’ve picked up over my forays into–you guessed it–social media over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, today’s episode isn’t going to happen.

Oh, I’ve got all kinds of things I want to share with you, still. Fun things, good things, great things, even.

I’ve even got a half-drafted blog post that was scheduled for today.

What I don’t got is enough brain power to complete that post, because I think I’ve hit a wall. Why? A variety of reasons, most likely, but definitely rooted in trying to take on too many things recently (even though most of them have been good things).

Anyway, when I found myself revising the first line of today’s half-drafted blog post for the umpteenth time, I recognized a serious case of blogger burnout in myself (I’ve also been blogging 2-3 times a week on my new freelance site, The Concise Blogger…that’s a lot of blogging for me!). As you probably know, the best way to deal with blogger burnout is to back away from the keyboard for a while, so that’s what I’ve decided to do today.

And if you didn’t know that’s the best way to deal with it? Well, then. It looks like this post had a purpose after all. 😉

Lesson over, have a great week, and I’ll see you next Monday…with a completed blog post on the Facebook page vs. profile debate. 🙂



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