Wattpad: A Powerful Tool for Book Marketing

I have an article up on the Kobo Writing Life blog today…check it out! 🙂


If you’re a writer and you haven’t yet heard of Wattpad (or you’ve heard of it but dismissed it), you’re not alone…and you may be missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity.

What is this weirdly named Wattpad? Essentially it’s a social media platform for readers and writers. Based in Toronto, Canada, it began in 2009 and currently has 35 million users spanning the globe. Writers share their stories for free, and readers can vote for those stories and/or leave comments and feedback. The platform is hugely popular with the young adult and fanfic crowd, but its reach is growing rapidly, and such heavyweights as Margaret Atwood and bestsellers Scott Westerfeld, Julie Kenner, Colleen Hoover and others are now offering their works there.

Sounds like a pretty legit platform now, right? That’s what I thought, too…and why I embarked on my Great Wattpad Experiment.

At the time I joined Wattpad in April of this year, I was a published author with three urban fantasy books out through Ace/Roc (Penguin USA), along with a self-published contemporary romance. I was active on Twitter and Facebook, had dabbled in various other social media platforms, and was looking for new ways to increase my fan base. I began releasing my contemporary romance, Gwynneth Ever After, as a serial—one or two chapters at a time on Fridays….[read rest of article]



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