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The final countdown to Christmas is on! With just two days left until I serve up the turkey and all its fixin’s to the family (we’re doing a Christmas Eve dinner this year), here’s what life looks like:

What I’m not doing this week: Around this time last year, I had two special events going on here on the blog. One was a collection of cool gift ideas for literary types, and the other was a virtual cookie exchange. Both were great fun and seemed to be well received and appreciated by readers, and I had every intention of repeating them this year. You’ll note that hasn’t happened…and you have my apologies.

What I am doing: Life. Trying to keep my head above water. Minor stuff like that. 😛 Youngest daughter moves to Toronto two weeks from today. We have packing to do, things to buy, stuff to organize, and many, many nerves to calm (both hers and mine). In truth, I’m getting through a day at a time, focusing on family and the holidays, and planning to have a minor meltdown when we return from dropping her off. I’m sure you’ll hear about that from me, too. 😀

What I’m letting go of: Guilt. There are so, so many things that I need to be doing in my writing right now, but I’m working hard at being okay with not doing them. There are only so many hours in a day, and I can only stretch myself so thin…and right now, family comes first, which is the way it should be.

What I’m gearing up for: Once I get back from settling daughter into her new place, however, it’s a whole other story. Actually, many stories! And plotting! And planning! And maybe less use of exclamation marks! Or not… 😀

What I’m most looking forward to over Christmas: Family. It’s  tough to get all my kids in the same house these days, it seems…and that’s when we’re all still living in the same city. This year, as we hover on the cusp of change with youngest moving away, the time together becomes even more precious. I plan to enjoy every second of it.

What else I’m looking forward to: As trivial as this may seem? Leftovers. I swear they’re the best part of Christmas dinner. Probably because they’re already cooked, and I can simply reheat and enjoy them. Anyone else share that particular love? 😉

Happy countdown to Christmas, and if I don’t make it back on the blog before the day, I hope you have a bright, beautiful holiday!

Warm hugs,





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