A Bit of Toronto Magic

When my husband told me a couple of months ago that he had a conference coming up in Toronto in June, I jumped at the chance to join him. (My kids are all grown up now, so I can do that. 😉 ) My main reason for going down–well, besides time with hubby, of course!–was to have a meeting with the lovely people at Wattpad, the reading/writing platform I’ve been using with such success. I’ll write more about that meeting next week, but for today, I have pictures!

The view from the 18th floor by day…
…and by night.
Untitled design (18)
The ever-changing colours of the CN Tower
Untitled design (19)
I don’t get to visit a big city often, so I spent a fair bit of time looking up… 😉 (And for those of you who’ve read the Grigori Legacy series, yes, it was great fun walking around Alex’s city, and yes, I may have been thinking about which of these buildings won’t make it through the fourth book. :D)
Untitled design (20)
But there was lots to see at street level, too.
…not to mention interesting people to talk to. 🙂
Untitled design (21)
There was also unique architecture…
TRULY unique sculpture…
…and unexpected magic in the form of a lone firefighter playing the bagpipes. He is so totally finding his way into a novel at some point! 😀





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