My Top 5 Posts of 2014

It’s interesting to look back over the past year and see which of my blog posts struck a chord with readers. This past year, I’ve been making an effort to share some of my social media experiences with fellow authors via my Social Media Monday series. As a result (and perhaps not surprisingly, given that my other posts tend to be so very random 😛 ), four of my most-read entries fall under that category. The fifth was a post about my Grigori Legacy series.

Incidentally, I figure these stats tell me two things: (a) there is a significant demand for social media articles geared specifically to writers; and (b), I need to write more posts about my books! 😉

Anyway, appearing in descending order according to the number of views, here are my most popular posts from 2014:

Why Fiction Writers Need to Blog (and what to blog about)

Authors Behaving Badly (or, What Not to Do On Goodreads)

How to Respond to a Negative Review: Lessons from #HaleNo

The Great Wattpad Experiment: Show Me the Numbers

Grigori Legacy News!!! (At Last)

As always, questions/comments on any of these posts will be answered (and appreciated), so feel free to bend my ear. 😉

Oh, and Happy New Year — here’s to a stellar 2015 for all of us! 





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