The Top 4 Cat Toys According to Abigail

I have come to the conclusion that our Abigail is just a little…different. While she enjoys and will play with the standard cat toys when we give them to her (fur mice, strings on sticks, balls with bells in them, etc.), those aren’t the things she seeks out when she left to her own devices. Instead, she prefers less orthodox choices. Her top 4 favourites, in no particular order, are:

  1. Ice slivers. We have a built-in ice maker on our fridge, and whenever she hears the sound of someone getting ice, she comes running from wherever she is. It rouses her from the deepest sleep, distracts her from her dinner, and is a guaranteed way to uncover her whereabouts. Given a small chunk of ice, she will chase it across the hardwood floors, pick it up in her mouth and carry it around, hide it under area rugs, and come looking for more when it melts. (I have little puddles of water all over the house.) If she loses it before she’s ready to quit playing, she helps herself to bits that have been discarded in the kitchen sink.

  2. Balled-up paper. An endless source of entertainment, mostly because she has the crumpled up bits scattered throughout the house under various furnishings and loves to haul them out again…usually covered in dust bunnies (both the paper and her).

  3. Doors. There’s just something about the way they swing open and shut, I suppose, because she chases the base of them back and forth for ages. Seriously. Back and forth. For hours. Doors. Yes, words fail me on this one, too.

  4. The dishwasher. Apart from climbing into it while I’m unloading the dishes (something that’s getting harder for her to do as she grows), she appears to be convinced that something lives under it. Every time we start it and the water begins to swish around, Abby can be found trying to force her way through the 1/16-inch crack at its base and/or sitting and staring at it with utmost focus. But still…doors?

And there you have it: the top 4 cat toys according to Abigail. If I’d known about them in advance, I could have saved myself a fortune… 😉 How about you? If you have a cat, I’d love to know what his/her favourite playthings are. Maybe I can expand Abby’s toy basket. 😀


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5 responses to “The Top 4 Cat Toys According to Abigail”

  1. Bea @Bea's Book Nook Avatar

    The paper doesn’t surprise me, that’s pretty typical for cats, including mine. 😀 But the others, those are new to me, lol.

    In addition to paper, Goof loves to lick plastic bags – grocery bags, bread bags, chip bags, any kind of plastic bag. He also likes peacock feathers – chasing them and chewing them. String-like objects are another favorite – drawstrings, ribbons, rubber bands, anything that resembles a string is game to be chewed and eaten.

    Cats are funny.

  2. Kelsey Avatar

    Don’t forget boxes! Cats usually love those, my cat always did.
    We didn’t have an ice maker, but she wasn’t interested in the other things, although she loved wool and string and would always play with it when left out.
    That’s pretty funny that she likes door lol but whatever keeps her busy and out of trouble right.

  3. Janice Freeman Avatar
    Janice Freeman

    My cat loves balls of paper too! She also loves ribbon (not that surprising) and she plays fetch with plastic straws. Yet she doesn’t care for the more pricey cat things such as a cushiony mat in the shape of a fish, or anything too loud like a squeaky toy. Weird?

  4. Scott Delahunt Avatar

    My older cat prefers toy mice, something he can grab and beat up and rip the tail off. My younger cat, though, is happy with the strip torn off the Whiskas treat bag. She can play with those for hours. One cat I had, though, loved chasing crumpled paper, to the point that he taught me the game Throw. It’s like Fetch, but the cat starts it by bringing the paper ball to the human.

  5. Diane Avatar

    The belt of my bathrobe hanging over the couch or Xmas cards hanging on the walls right now; my foot if I happen to be moving it while sitting. His own shadow!!!

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