Throwback Thursday, Writer-Style: An Ode to Mom

Because Mother’s Day is coming up, I wanted to share with you a poem that I wrote for my mother when I was about 18 or so. Mom has been gone for seven years now, but I still think of her almost every day…and I still stand by every word of what I wrote. 

Here’s to you, Mom — and to all the incredible women out there who fulfill the role of motherhood every day. 

When God created our mother, 

He took the quiet brown of the earth to colour her eyes

and gave them the depths of the ocean

and the wisdom of Himself.

He took the gentle rain to form her tears 

and caused the Heavens to weep with her

and the sun to shine on her laughter.

He captured the silver moonbeams 

and bade them play within her hair

and shine softly with His pride.

He took the enveloping boughs of the fir

and created her arms

and made them strong to protect her loved ones.

He took the strength of the oak 

and the suppleness of a willow

and made from these her body.

He caught the tinkling music of the brook

and put it in her voice 

and bade her use it kindly.

And when all this was done, 

He took the boundlessness of the Universe

and the love and courage of Himself,

and made her heart.




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10 responses to “Throwback Thursday, Writer-Style: An Ode to Mom”

    1. Linda Avatar

      Thank you so much, Sharon…I can still remember giving her the poem for her birthday. 🙂

  1. Denise Duckworth Avatar
    Denise Duckworth

    So beautiful Linda. Lorraine was such a beautiful person.

    1. Linda Avatar

      Yes, she was, Denise. 🙂

  2. Laura Paquet Avatar
    Laura Paquet

    This is absolutely lovely, Linda. Big hugs.

    1. Linda Avatar

      Thanks so much, Laura — and hugs to you, too. <3

  3. Reanna Avatar

    *sniffle* That’s beautiful, Linda. *hugs*

    1. Linda Avatar

      Aw, thanks, Reanna! 🙂

  4. Valerie Rae Millard Avatar
    Valerie Rae Millard

    Amazing …so lovely ☺

    1. Linda Avatar

      Thank you so much, Valerie! 🙂

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