Throwback Thursday: A Writer’s Beginnings

I know, I know…Throwback Thursday (or #tbt if you’re on Twitter) is supposed to be about sharing “an appropriately nostalgia-inducing picture – from a different era of your life” (Digital Trends). And one of these days, I swear I’m going to dig out all my photo albums so I can scan a bunch of pictures into my computer for that very purpose.

In the meantime, however (because you’re not holding your breath on the me-getting-organized-thing, right? 😉 ), I thought it would be fun to expand the nostalgia idea to include old writings. In my case, this is made up of mostly poetry, which I was big on writing during my high school years. I was one of those nerdy teens who got along better with my teachers than my peers for a long time, and while others my age were out partying and hanging out in places I was forbidden to go (yes, I was one of those who obeyed my parents’ rules, too!), I was at home, wrestling with words and — sometimes — questioning my very existence. (I wrote a lot of teen romance stuff, too, but sadly I didn’t keep any of that — so you get the poetry by default. 😉 )

So, from roughly 1977 and age 16, here you go:


Mere mortal that I am,

I sometimes gaze at night

into that infinite space above us all

and question “why?”

And somewhere deep within me,

a voice as limitless and powerful

as the universe itself

answers simply, “Because.”

And then I weep,

knowing that I am too small

to understand.

(Copyright 2014 by Linda Poitevin. All rights reserved.)



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