Things to do, places to go…

So my sister has been here for a week and already we have:

  1. Been to a medieval festival

  1. Hiked all over the MacKenzie King Estate in Gatineau Park

(and lunched at the Tea Room there)


  1. Visited Blue Gypsy Wines

and the nearby town of Merrickville

  1. Browsed the stores of Westboro in Ottawa

  1. Spent a day hiking through Canada’s largest IKEA store

  1. Visited the bird sanctuary at Mud Lake in Ottawa’s west end.

Still to come this week: The Governor General’s residence; Shakespeare in the Park; Upper Canada Village; and the 1,000 Islands boat tour with a stop at Boldt Castle.

I’m thinking my sister will need a holiday when she gets home… 🙂

And you? How is your week shaping up?



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2 responses to “Things to do, places to go…”

  1. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    Wow, I’m getting tired just thinking about doing all that! I haven’t been to a Ren Faire in years, what fun!

    1. Linda Avatar

      It was great, DD…first time my sister has ever seen live jousting. 🙂

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