The Tuesday Low-down

(This post was supposed to have been the Monday Low-down, but yeah…life. 😛 )

Where I’ve been: Besides absent from the blog? Toronto! Youngest daughter had an entrance exam for a game design program, so we took her down for it last Thursday, and SHE PASSED!!! So then we needed to find housing for her (she starts school in January), and WE DID!!! So now she’s moving 5 hours away from us, and we’ll be empty-nesters after Christmas, and holy wow, Batman, SO MANY CHANGES!!!

Where I am: Home again, nursing daughter back from a throat infection (she wrote and passed that above exam while sick…booyah!). She’s on antibiotics and recovering, I’m suffering from serious sleep deprivation, and my house…oh, my house. How about we just don’t go there right now? 😛 Work-wise, I must admit I’m struggling these days. Not because of a lack of ideas (far from it!), but more from a dearth of brain cells willing to focus on those ideas. So I’m being kind to me and allowing myself to get my grown-up life in order before I expect too much creativity from me. 😉

Where I’m going: Besides crazy? 😛 1. I’m focusing on finishing up a few little projects around the house so that I can head into Christmas in a state of (relative) calm. 2. Back to Toronto in January to get daughter moved in and ready for school!  (And yes, there will most likely be a future post in which I wax nostalgic as I ready myself to be an empty-nester…apologies in advance. 😉 ). 3. Work-wise, I’m rewriting and editing a romantic suspense that will be released as an online exclusive (more about that in a later post), and I’m also working on a pitch for (are you ready for this?!?) a pulp-fiction space adventure. I know, right?!? 4. But right at this very moment? I’m going to get another coffee. 😀

Have a great week, folks — and because I’m soooooo organized these days and may not actually post on time for this: an early Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends out there. Hope you have a great holiday!





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2 responses to “The Tuesday Low-down”

  1. Nicole Avatar

    Game Design! That is sooo cool! And space opera adventure? WHEEEE! Take care of yourself and your daughter. There are many adventures for all on the horizon. 🙂 And yay more books to read.

    1. Linda Avatar

      Thanks, Nicole! 🙂

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