The Saga of the Handwarmers

It all started with moving my office to the basement.

Well, it actually started with the decision to begin readying the house for sale, but that’s a whole other story. 😉

This story is about winter setting in, and the realization that a basement office is cold, and that frozen fingers aren’t very good at typing. Which is kinda my job.

I’d never really seen the point in those fingerless gloves/mitts that my youngest daughter loves so much, but now I got it. And because I crochet, I decided I could make my own. So I found a pattern on the Internet, and I set to work. And because I think I crochet better than I actually do, I adapted the pattern slightly as I went.

The first one turned out perfectly.


But I’d forgotten to write down the changes I made to the pattern.

Which meant the second one didn’t go quite so smoothly.

I made seven attempts at that thing, finally settling for “good enough.” It was a little larger than the first one, but I was tired of ripping the thing apart…so surely it would do.

Or not.

I used my new creations for the first time yesterday. At first, they were great. Warm, cozy,..everything I’d expected from them. But the big one kept sliding around on my hand and bunching up at the thumb joint and just generally getting in the way and ARGH.

So I ripped it apart again.

And started over.

I finished it last night and finally got it right.


Or close enough.

While it’s still a little longer than the first, it fits nicely and no longer slides all over the place…but…

It turns out there’s another problem.

When I chose the yarn, I went for soft and cozy…about the same thickness that you’d get in a nice, warm sweater. But not the thickness you should use for handwarmers when you plan on typing. Without the distraction of one handwarmer getting in the way, they both drive me nuts because they’re too bulky.

Did I say ARGH already? 😛

I’ll be picking up more yarn tomorrow. Something lightweight. With luck, I’ll have the new handwarmers crocheted by the end of winter…

Stay tuned. 😉







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