The Final Stretch: 4 days out

Here we are at our last morning in the cottage already…I am truly stunned at how fast the week has flown by.

As promised (although somewhat later than promised…oops), here are the pics of the place:

On the work-front, I haven’t quite completed the manuscript, but I got a lot done. First-draft revisions are complete, and I’ve started the final proofread. The only major thing standing between me and completion is (are you ready for this?) a final chapter.

Yes, you read that right. Sins of the Lost still doesn’t have an end. Well, it does…I just haven’t been able to put it into words yet.

Deadline is Sunday. No pressure, right?

But it looks like Easter weekend will be a little on the sleepless side… 😉




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One response to “The Final Stretch: 4 days out”

  1. Diane Avatar

    Beautiful cottage you have! And you’ll get the last chapter done, no pressure!!!

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