The Final Stretch: 12 days out

Happy Spring, everyone! 🙂

I’m almost halfway through the first draft revisions now…woot! And I’m still making time for walks with the dog every day, much to his great delight (and mine…he sleeps better when he’s had his exercise!). Although yesterday I got to do this instead:

Charlie wasn’t happy with missing his walk, but I did throw the frisbee for him for a while, so things weren’t nearly as bad as his expression would have you believe here. 😉

Seriously hoping the real, actual spring arrives soon. I’m running out of places to put this stuff!



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2 responses to “The Final Stretch: 12 days out”

  1. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    Oh dear, although I expect it’s not uncommon there even this late in the season? Hope it starts to melt soon!

    1. Linda Avatar

      It didn’t used to be uncommon, but we haven’t had such a big late-season dump for several years now. We were getting spoiled, I think! 😉 And yes, it should start to melt very soon now. 🙂

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