The Final Stretch: 10 days out

Ten days from deadline and I’m a little past the halfway point in first-draft revisions. I should clarify that this isn’t truly a first first-draft revision, however. I’m one of those that revises as she goes, so much of the manuscript has already been thoroughly massaged and tweaked. (And wow…that actually sounds wrong, somehow! 😉 )

Chapter one, for instance, went through 17 rewrites.

I know…that number stuns me, too. The good news is that it survived its latest read-through (thank heavens!), as did much of the manuscript.

So a lot of what I’m doing at this stage is smoothing out language, clarifying muddy points, improving transitions, and layering in the senses (smells, tastes, touches). Oh, yes…and writing those last few pages as soon as I figure out how to end this sucker… 😉




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2 responses to “The Final Stretch: 10 days out”

  1. Diane Avatar

    You’ll make it I have no doubt!!!

  2. Linda Avatar

    Your faith in me is heartwarming, Diane — thank you! 🙂

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