The Deep, Dark Depths of Writerly Despair

I’ve hit that point, folks. I’m just past the halfway mark in Sins of the Warrior, book 4 in the Grigori Legacy series, and everything is falling apart.

I have plot holes big enough to fly a 747 through.

I’ve got so many threads tangled up together that what began as a skillful weaving of a tapestry now resembles my dog’s breakfast…after he ate it.

My characters have become uncooperative and cranky.

My muse has become uncooperative and cranky.

have become uncooperative and cranky.


The only thing that keeps me from running through the streets, wailing and gnashing my teeth, is the knowledge that I’ve been here before. With every. Single. Story. (Well, that and a fair certainty that I would be arrested.)

In fact, if you’re a writer who happens to be reading this, you’re probably nodding your head in agreement (ha! caught you!), because I’m fairly certain that we all do it. It’s part of the “creative” process — a term which makes me snort out loud even as I type it, because honey, there ain’t nothin’ creative about this.

Nope. This is the “sucking the suckiness out of the sucky story” process, plain and simple.

It’s sitting down at the computer and making myself write, one excruciating word at a time, when I would really rather be sticking pins into a voodoo replica of myself because surely that would be less painful.

It’s remembering that I’ve been here before, and having faith that somehow, as hard as it is to believe at the moment, I will finish this story.

It’s believing that the finished story may not be all sucky after all, and that parts of it might even be pretty good. 

All so that I can repeat the entire process all over again with another story. 😉



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