Rise of the Crones: The Crone Wars, Book Five

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With great powers come great repercussions

In the aftermath of her victory over the dark god Morok, Claire Emerson is ready for some well-earned peace and quiet, and for some healing time with her protector, Lucan. But tranquility evaporates when an ancient god arrives on her doorstep demanding sanctuary–and blaming Claire.

Claire’s final battle with Morok tore apart the very fabric that separated the worlds, and now the Between is devouring the Otherworld, leaving the gods no choice but to flee to Earth. The chaos that follows them turns Claire’s entire world upside down. Again.

Repairing the damage she caused while keeping a bunch of unruly deities in line won’t be easy, but she’s up to the challenge–until she learns that one of the deities is Morok, whose defeat wasn’t as complete as she believed. Now, with her magick spread increasingly thin, Claire has no choice but to again fight a war she thought she’d already won. And this time, Morok isn’t alone–but neither is she. 

As alliances form and new enemies emerge, will Claire’s struggle to restore balance be enough to save the world? Or will it plunge them all into utter annihilation?

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