Testing… testing… Is this thing on?

*Writer walks up to blog ‘microphone’ and taps it. A loud squeal emerges. She clears her throat.*

Hey, there, she says. Long time, no blog, amIright?

Like… a really, really long time. But I think (maybe) my dry spell here is over, thanks to Jenny Trout and her recent Year of Chaotic Creation post. Because holy wow, could I ever relate to her words. Especially the part about ” I am a writer, you see, and there is only ONE THING I AM ALLOWED TO BE.”

Those particular words really got me thinking. Because yes, like Jenny, I am a writer. But also like Jenny, I do and enjoy a lot more than just writing. (You’ve probably already guessed as much because of those long stretches between book releases…)

In fact, there’s been a general dearth of Linda-writing (or Lydia-writing, for that matter) since the pandemic hit. BUT (and this is a big BUT… no pun intended…) there has been an awful lot of other stuff created in my little corner of the world. Retaining walls, planters, gardens, crochet toys and hats, wooden toys, much (much) canning… and the list goes on.

As tough as the past year was, I’ve learned some cool new tricks and done some pretty awesome stuff. And (back to being like Jenny), I’ve decided to continue that chaotic creation in 2021 because honestly? It’s what I’ve always done. The difference is that I’m going to own up to it. Embrace it. Bathe in the pure joy of it. And post about some of it here.

Will that creation include writing? Absolutely. (Although I think the focus–sorry, romance fans–will be on urban fantasy for the time being because awesome series idea!!!).

I hope you’ll join me not just for the posts but for some of your own chaotic creation, too. Pick up an old hobby, try a new one, make something beautiful or useful or just plain fun… and tell me about it in the comments either here or in a future post. No goals. No pressure. Just creation for the pure joy of it… as chaotic as you need it to be.

And if you’re not feeling creative at all? That’s okay, too. That past year kicked the stuffing out of us, and there will be no judgment from me, my friends. Only hugs and understanding.

Be well and stay safe. <3

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