Teaser Tuesday

One month and four days until the release of Sins of the Angels!

With momentum building and reviews beginning to roll in, I am so excited I can barely contain myself — and I thought it would be fun to share a little of that excitement with you. 🙂

Including today, there are fiveTuesdays between now and release day. I’ll be posting a short, previously unseen excerpt from the book here on each of those days. Enjoy…and let me know what you think!

Excerpt from SINS OF THE ANGELS: Book One of The Grigori Legacy (all rights reserved)

Roberts had been right. It was exactly the same pattern as the three previous kills and, like the ones before it, it wasn’t an ordinary murder — if murder could ever be ordinary.

Alex chewed at the inside of her cheek as she studied the young woman’s waxen features and the way she had been posed on the pavement, arms outstretched perpendicular to the body, legs together, feet crossed at the ankles.

Simple death did not satisfy whoever had done this, whoever had done the same to the others. There was more here than mere disregard for human life, more than a desire to kill. This was . . . Alex paused in her thoughts, searching for the right word. Obscene. Depraved. Another word jolted through her mind, and she shuddered.


Happy Tuesday, everyone, and have a great week!




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