Teaser Tuesday Part 4

Welcome back to the fourth excerpt from Sins of the Angels — enjoy, because next week will be the last! 🙂

Aramael swallowed a snarl and heaved his pen across the room. “We’re wasting time. This is getting us nowhere.”

Alex looked up from the files she’d spread across the conference table, frustration stamped in the stubborn, weary lines of her face. “You have a better idea?”

He shoved back from the table and prowled the room’s perimeter. “You know I don’t, but there must be something more than this” — he waved his hand — “this endless going over and over the same things. You can’t tell me this works. That this is how you hunt.”

“Rather successfully, actually.” She tacked yet another sticky note that she’d written onto the wall among dozens of others. Flashed him a look of profound annoyance. “This is real police work, Trent. Meticulous, grinding, dry as dust, and nothing like the movies. But it does work, so until you figure out an alternative, suck it up.”

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