Teaser Tuesday Part 2

This week’s installment of Sins of the Angels:

From the corner of his eye, Aramael saw Alex’s determined, hands-on-hips approach. He suspected that even if he hadn’t seen her, he would have still felt the space between them closing; he had become that tuned in to her presence, that aware of her every move.

He clutched the pen until it dug into his knuckles.

He should be focused on the hunt. Should be directing all his energy toward tracking Caim, following the taint of evil that lingered as far as he could, drawing ever closer to the confrontation. The capture.

Instead, he was writing down license plate numbers. On the orders of a mortal. A Naphil whose very existence was a slap in Heaven’s face. Aramael jabbed pen against paper hard enough to dig through to the underlying sheet. A Naphil he’d been send to defend and who had instead put him on the defensive and awakened a response that shouldn’t exist. Couldn’t exist.

Enjoy . . . and have a wonderful week!





2 responses to “Teaser Tuesday Part 2”

  1. Van P. Avatar

    Thanks for the awesome teaser. Can’t wait to read this!! 🙂

  2. lindapoitevin Avatar

    Glad you enjoyed it! Watch for another next week. 🙂

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