Teaser Tuesday #2

Welcome back for another peek at Sins of the Son!

Michael glowered at the other Archangel. “Let me get this straight. I question a decision and she stops speaking to me for four and a half thousand years and then sends you to collect on the promise I made her. Mittron orchestrates a chain of events that may yet trigger war between Heaven and Hell, but he remains as her administrator until after he loses the Appointed; and a Power commits the ultimate sin and is merely banished to the mortal realm instead of being exiled to Limbo. Does that about cover it?”

Mouth twisting, Raphael nodded. “In a word, yes.”

“And the rest of you are okay with this.”

“She is the One, Mika’el.”

Michael groaned and rubbed a hand over his eyes. Yes, that was what it still came down to, wasn’t it? She was the One. The Creator. The others might question her actions, but after the example he’d set all those millennia ago, their reservations would remain unvoiced.

As would his. This time.

Because all those millennia ago, he had also given her his word. Had vowed his undying devotion and allegiance, sworn he would return without question in her time of need, promised he would always remain the Archangel Mika’el — her most powerful warrior.

He lifted his head, straightened his shoulders, and, for the first time since leaving Heaven, unfurled his massive wings. They stretched open, spanning the width of the clinic, a full double-arm’s-length wider than those of his fellow warriors, at once his power, his glory, and his eternal burden.

Flexing the great supporting muscles, he shook out the feathers and stood for a moment, absorbing his own unspoken acceptance of the role he had never thought to play again. Coming to terms with all he would have to become. All he would give up.

Then Michael, once more Mika’el, turned to his messenger. “Where is she?”

[Sins of the Son: The Grigori Legacy 2, copyright 2012. All rights reserved.]

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  1. Sandy Westendorf Coelho Avatar

    I won’t be able to put this one down!

  2. Jyothsna Avatar

    Looks like we are going to be introduced to some very interesting angels/archangels. Love the teasers 🙂

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