The State of the Garden

Ah, glorious spring! The long weekend in May (Victoria Day) has long been held as planting day in the Ottawa region where I live. In past years, I’ve held off another week or two because of the threat of frost (eager beavers tended to have to replant tomatoes), but this year…this year was gorgeous. 

And I also had a willing garden slave volunteer to help out, because my daughter was home from Newfoundland for a few days.

Who was I to say no to that kind of alignment in the universe? 🙂

I was reasonably organized for a change, too. I’d already turned over my garden beds and added compost, so it was a matter of a trip to the nursery and a couple of pleasant hours of playing in the dirt, and we were pretty much done. 



We even bought flowers to fill up the planters, a job I generally put off until mid-June if I’m working alone (my husband is so not a gardener!). 


All that’s left to do now is plant the seed for things like carrots, beets, beans, and peas; and to put Fergus out to stand watch for the bunnies who have already been at my neighbour’s plants. Oh, and to convince my daughter that she should come home every year at this time… 😀

So…do you grow a garden? Got it in yet? 🙂






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2 responses to “The State of the Garden”

  1. Diane Avatar

    yes we have a garden in Ottawa too; but waiting another weekend or so just in case. We did get our planters though!

    1. Linda Avatar

      I have plastic for covering mine if needed, so I guess I’m at least a little prepared! 🙂

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