State of the Garden: November

I’m always a little conflicted when it comes to my garden at this time of the year. Part of me is relieved that it’s done for the season, because as much as I enjoy the fruits (and vegetables 😉 ) of my labour, it’s a lot of work.

The last of the season…four varieties of kale

Another part of me, however, is sad to see it come to an end. I have a hard time pulling out the last few plants that cling as stubbornly to summer-past as I do, and there’s a bleakness to the cold, empty soil that feels like a harbinger of the winter to come. And yes, I really do wax this poetic in my thoughts as I go about the last of the season’s chores. Blame the writer in me. 😉

A fifth variety of kale, plus perennial sage and oregano…all that’s left now.

When all is said and done, though, winter will come whether I (or the plants) want it to or not. It’s consistent that way sigh.

First snow of the season, just as I finished

And so, holding firmly to the promise of spring, I do what needs to be done…raking, cutting back, tugging out, clearing up, gathering the last of the harvest, and offering a silent word of thanks for all that I’ve received. 🙂

Mint drying above the window (plus oregano and parsley in the dehydrator)




2 responses to “State of the Garden: November”

  1. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    Everybody needs a nap, even Mother Nature. 😉

    1. Linda Avatar

      Very true. 🙂

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