Spring: The Season of Too Many Projects

.0014It’s only just turned into spring out there, and already the to-do list on my refrigerator has grown to a length that will require several months to complete. I’d like to say this is a surprise to me, or at least out of the ordinary, but no…sadly, it’s all too familiar.

Every year I swear up, down, and sideways that I’m going to cut back on what I take on over the summer, and every year my husband laughs at me.

And laughs, and laughs, and laughs.

When he’s not crying over the list I hand him. HA. 😉

Even though our weather hasn’t exactly been cooperative up until now, I’ve managed to at least get a start on things. I’ve cleaned up about a third of the front yard, I’ve pruned my apple tree and my mountain cranberry bush, I’ve swept the front terrace, and I’ve had hubby put up the screens around the gazebo so we can begin sitting outside for dinner (and so poor Giant Dog has somewhere he can go to hide from the flies…yes, I’m serious. Wimpy mutt. 😛 ).

This still leaves me a huge chunk of front yard to go, along with the back yard to clean up and an entire vegetable garden to put in. Plus we’re embarking on several big projects this year as we begin thinking ahead to maybe selling the house next year. Potentially, this means a facelift on the kitchen, finishing touches to the basement, repairing the drain along the front of the garage, ripping out the front porch landing and redoing it, repainting the front door and around the outside windows, and–with luck–tearing out and replacing most of the front gardens.

All while finishing one book and writing a novella. And finding an apartment for Newfoundland daughter, who returns home in August. And completing a crochet afghan for a June wedding and a baby sweater for a friend’s first baby.

…anyone have some extra summer they can lend me???  😯 





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