A Somber Day

It’s a somber day here in Canada. If you haven’t heard the news, three RCMP officers were killed in Moncton, New Brunswick last night and two others wounded. The killer remains at large.

Many of you are aware that my husband is also with the RCMP. While I’ve never lived the nightmare of knowing he faced a gunman, I’ve imagined the possibility more times than I care to count. My heart breaks for the families whose lives were shattered last night.

I’ve also worked as a dispatcher alongside the men & women who serve and protect. I know the adrenaline-fed, controlled chaos of the communication centre, the fear of losing one of your own, the grief of doing so. My heart goes out to those who are on the front lines and behind the scenes, struggling to do their jobs in the face of overwhelming anger, shock, and grief.

Today, while you are waiting for your coffee, catching your bus, sitting in your office, or hugging a loved one, please pause for a moment. Remember the officers who put their own lives on the line each and every day so that your own life can be as secure and peaceful as they can make it. Remember the families that wave them off each and every shift, hoping and praying that Moncton won’t happen to them. And thank them–all of them–if only in your hearts.




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  1. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    Just horrible. Just unimaginable.

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