Social Media & Marketing Tips for Writers

Whether you’re learning the craft,  looking for publishing how-tos, building your platform (or learning what that is), or trying to improve your online marketing skills, you can find a lot of resources on the Internet to help you along. My blog has never been geared towards becoming such a resource, but as I’ve grown as a writer and thrown myself into the various aspects of both traditional and self-publishing, I’ve had occasion to share a few of my experiences along the way.

This is the collection of articles I’ve amassed so far. I think of it as paying it forward…and I hope you find them of help to you as so many other have helped me.

Blog Tours 101: Setting Up Your Own Virtual Book Tour

Blog Tours 101, Part 2: Working With an Organizer

A Writer’s Guide to Book Blogger Etiquette

The Cost of Self-Publishing

Twitterquette: 5 Tips for Authors

Reality Check: Looking for Marketing in All the Wrong Places

Please feel free to join in the discussion on any of these posts — I check my comments regularly. 🙂

P.S. This post was supposed to go out on Monday, but it was pre-empted by THIS. 🙂

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