Sins of the Son: International ARC giveaway!!!

Are you ready for it? At long last, it’s ARC giveaway time! (And you thought I’d forgotten. ;))

I have two copies of Sins of the Son up for grabs to readers anywhere in the world. But not just any readers. As a thank you to those of you who took chance on me as a debut author, I’d like to see these copies go to people who have already read Sins of the Angels.

So here’s what you have to do: leave me a comment with your favorite quote from Sins of the Angels. To make sure we keep this honest, it can’t be from the prologue or first two chapters (which are available online).

If you’re up for it, I’d love to know why the quote is your favorite, but that part is optional. And if you’d like to tweet or Facebook the link to this giveaway, that’s also optional…but highly appreciated. 🙂

Draw date is March 1st. I’ll do my best to get your copy to you before release day, but if you’re an International winner, I can’t guarantee it…sorry!.

Oh, and if you’d like to better your chances (or you haven’t yet read the first book but you’d still like to win a copy of Sins of the Son), there’s an ARC giveaway happening at Goodreads as well (US/Can only). 😉

I’m looking forward to hearing from you — have a fabulous day!




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29 responses to “Sins of the Son: International ARC giveaway!!!”

  1. Sullivan McPig Avatar
    Sullivan McPig

    Argh….. Why did I lend my copy of Sins of the Angels to a friend?!

    Must get it back before the closing date of this giveaway.

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      Lol, Sullivan — seeing that you reviewed the book, I’m pretty sure you must have read it, so if you can’t get the copy back in time, I’ll waive the requirement and consider you entered. Fair enough? Oh, and your bookmarks are in the mail to you, btw. 😉

      1. Sullivan McPig Avatar
        Sullivan McPig

        More than fair! Thanks. And Yay! The stalking of my mailbox begins 😉

  2. Jyothsna Avatar

    I’ve too many favorites..:)
    This is one of ’em(it actually has another sentence in between but this is my favorite part): Time, and Alex’s heart, stood still. Until she became nothing more than the heat of his body, the whisper of his breath against her face, the longing that flooded her veins.
    And, there is the other where Aramel says he can’t feel anything but Alex(The quote is too long, but I think you know what it is 🙂

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      I do know what it is, yes…and I’m so glad you have so many favorites. That makes the writer in me very happy! 🙂

  3. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    Argh, I don’t have it with me at work! I’ll go through it when I get home tonight.

    1. Linda Poitevin Avatar

      All is good, D.D….you have the whole month! 🙂

  4. Sandy Westendorf Coelho Avatar

    “Verchiel, he can exile you. But me?” Seth stuck his hands into his pockets and strolled toward the door, tossing a grin over his shoulder. “He has no choice but to put up with me. Let me know when the Guardians have been informed of my arrival.”

    I love Seth’s character. He knows no one can touch him, and he takes full advantage of that. Hoping to see Mittron get what’s coming to him as well. LOL

  5. Linda Poitevin Avatar

    Yeah, Seth is pretty sure of himself, all right. Made him a difficult character to control at times, lol.

  6. Gemma.H Avatar

    I didn’t even realise it was due out. Went and preordered as I haven’t read book 1. Its on this quarters tbr list!:-)

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      Pre-ordering is allowed, too, Gemma. 😉 Hope you enjoy both books!

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  8. Thony Avatar

    “His reaction came blindly, from a place inside him he had never known. He whirled and grabbed Alex’s shoulders, pushed her back, extended his wings to hide her from Caim. He felt her startled, soft warmth beneath his hands, his own primal response. For a fraction of a second, all thought of his purpose slid away.”

    Whenever Aramael tries to protect Alex, my heart melts. I love when they’re together and I’m looking forward to them finding their way back to each other.

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      Sigh…yes, Aramael kind of makes me melt, too. Thank you for the reminder why! 🙂

  9. BookaholicCat Avatar

    So many quotes to choose from. Here is my pick:

    “She hesitated. She’d had a sudden urge to apologize to him, but for what? Her imagination? Her paranoia? And what would she say? I’m sorry I keep seeing you as a really angry angel? Oh, yes, that was sure to erase any bad impressions made so far. And I’m sorry I have the hots for you would be about as good.”

    Thank you so much for this opportunity 🙂

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      Love this one! Thanks for entering! 🙂

  10. brinson06 Avatar

    ” Aramael said her name in a deep, rich tone that made her want to crawl out of her own skin because the sensations it triggered were almost too much to bear. A tone that demanded she look at him. She felt the energy surge between them and her heart slowed into long, heavy beats, sending heated blood to parts of her she didn’t think she had ever known. Aramael stalked toward her, his eyes fastened on hers with an inhuman intensity. He stopped, mere inches away, and cleared his throat. He voice remained husky. “You and I-we can never be”.

    Love this quote- the relationship between these two is complex & their connection draws you it. love it!!

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  11. Sophia Rose Avatar
    Sophia Rose

    “What was it the Highest whispered just as he had ripped Aramael’s wings from him? . . .”
    I would love to quote this to the end, but it is too long. I liked several from the book, but the part about Alex centering him and giving him purpose was so full of hope and I was bawling my eyes out at this moment hurting for them both. I was so glad to see a chance here for them.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I loved the book and look forward to the sequel.

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      I made you cry? Oh, wow…I’m so totally happy!!! Wait, that doesn’t sound right…but you know what I mean. 😉

  12. Shari Jung Avatar
    Shari Jung

    “He exhaled a long, slow breath that stirred her hair, and only sheer determination kept her upright. Kept her from leaning back into an angel’s embrace. She opened her eyes and starred at their shared reflection. At the raw pain reflected in the lines around Aramael’s mouth and the gaze that met hers.”

    This section of the story tore me up. The questions the both had, the pain of what is to come, lack of understanding the pull between them. It just pulled so much emotion with so few but gripping words. The total helpless feeling that they may never know what could be.

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      Wow…I’m realizing just how mean I am toward my characters, lol! Thanks, Shari! 🙂

  13. Elaine Avatar

    “There’s a contingency plan,” he allowed at last.
    “A contingency plan.”
    “Another way to avoid war and decide who will have dominion over the mortal realm.”
    “I see. And this plan would be-”
    Seth Stared down at the carpet at his feet. Dug his hands deeper into his pockets. Then raised resigned eyes to hers.
    “Me,” he said. “I’m the plan.”

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar
  14. Stella ExLibris Avatar

    Thank you for the international giveaway Linda!! 😀

    I have several favourite quotes, lot of them aren’t dialogues but part of your lyrical prose. I found the poetry and metaphors in them enchanting, like:

    “She tried her damnedest to stop what she knew was coming, but her attempts shredded like tissue-paper boats adrift in a hurricane.”

    And this one always make me laugh:

    “Alex summoned up a saccharine smile and reminded herself that cops had a moral obligation not to commit murder.”

    You don’t know how hard it was for me when I wrote my review: I took pages of notes of my favourite quotes and then when I had to narrow it kind of torture! kidding.. well actually not.. 😉

    1. Linda Poitevin Avatar

      Aw, thank you so much, Stella! Your second example is one of my favorites, too…it made me smile when I wrote it and still makes me smile now. And I hope that Sins of the Son is equally difficult for you to review. 😉

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