Shadow of Doubt…now on an audiobook near you!

Good morning, lovely peoples of the internet! How are you today? am totally over-the-moon excited (thank you for asking! 😉 ), because Shadow of Doubt releases as an audiobook today! And as it’s my first audiobook, there’s double the excitement!! (And that’s quite enough exclamation marks for one paragraph, don’t you agree? 😀 )

Now, if you’re thinking this audio-first release is a little topsy-turvy, you’re right. Most books come out as print or e-book first…or at least in conjunction with the audio version. So why did things happen this way? I posted the first draft of Shadow of Doubt on Wattpad in its beta form (unedited), where it caught the attention of Hachette Book Group in a joint venture they were undertaking with Wattpad to put 50 stories into audio format this year. I’d just parted company with my agent when the offer came through (because I’ve always had stellar timing 😛 ), so I did a bit of scrambling (and maybe some panicking), and within a few days, I’d signed with Lane Heymont of The Tobias Literary Agency…who just happens to be total awesomesauce.

Long story short, Lane put together the audio contract for me and then asked if I was willing to hold off self-publishing the book in order to let him pitch the digital and print rights…and so here we are today with the release of my audio-first first audiobook. (Try saying that five times real fast! 😛 ) The manuscript is currently out on submission, and I will be thrilled beyond words if the print and digital rights find a home with a publisher–and if they don’t, I will absolutely be putting the book out on my own. Either way, you will have access to a book format…eventually. 😉

In the meantime, you can still read the Shadow of Doubt complete beta version for free on Wattpad, and you can also listen to the first eight chapters in the clip below by clicking on the play arrow. If you like what you hear, you can download the entire book from Audible, the Audiobook Store, or Bandcamp…with my undying gratitude for your support. 🙂 Happy listening!




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