My editor is an awesome person. In fact, at 7:30 last night, she was officially my favourite person in the world.

Why such gushing on my part?

You may recall that my deadline for Sins of the Lost was the end of March (well, it was actually the end of February, but I was given a one-month extension because of my finger vs. dog incident). Well, try as I might, I didn’t quite make it — as of yesterday morning, I was only halfway through the final edit. Much as I hate (and I mean really hate) not to live up to a commitment, I caved to my better judgment in this instance and emailed my editor to let her know I was going to need a couple of extra days.

At 7:30 last night, I received a reply — giving me up to an additional two weeks (it turns out that a bonus to going digital-first is a more flexible schedule — woot!).

My reaction? I promptly stepped away from the book, put on my pajamas, poured a glass of wine, parked myself in front of the television for the first time in over a week, and remembered how to breathe. It was bliss.

The edit is actually going well, so I’m hoping not to need the full two weeks. It’s nice to know that I have it, however, particularly as I have Ad Astra coming up in Toronto this weekend and it would be nice to be able to take clean clothes with me… 😉

Yup. My editor rocks, all right. 🙂

P.S. As an update to the finger injury, it turned out not to be broken after all. Seems I’ve torn either the joint capsule or the tendon…either of which will require significantly more time (8-12 weeks) to heal than a break would have done. I’m about halfway there. Fun times! 😉






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2 responses to “Reprieve!!”

  1. Diane Avatar

    Hopefully you’ll make your deadline!

    1. Linda Avatar

      Third time lucky, right? 😉

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