So even though I’m on blog tour and making appearances all over the place (here yesterday and here today), I decided I simply couldn’t let the actual release day of Sins of the Angels pass without at least a mention on my own blog.  ‘Cause this whole being on bookshelves thing? Yup, pretty spectacular. 🙂

For lots of great tidbits about the book — and giveaways!!! — check out the blog tour. I’d love to see you at one (or many or all!) of my stops. 🙂



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5 responses to “RELEASE DAY!!!”

  1. Digital Dame Avatar

    OMG, look at you go! That’s awesome, congratulations!! 😀

  2. SL.Westendorf-Coelho (@SLWestendorf) Avatar

    AWESOME!!! *fist pump* Sooo happy for you Linda (huge hug)

  3. Shawna Atteberry Avatar

    How surreal was it to see your name next to Terry Prachett’s? Wow.

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      A definite “squee” moment, all right! 🙂

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