RAPW: Shout-out to Annette McCleave

If you’re a paranormal romance fan and you’re not already familiar with Annette McCleave, author of the Soul Gatherer novels, then you should be. In fact, go check her out now … I’ll wait.

Back already? And? Don’t you love her site? Me, too. I also love her books. Which is why, in honor of Random Acts of Publicity Week, I wanted to take a moment to talk about Annette’s latest release, an e-book called Dark Deceiver. I had the distinct honor (and pleasure!) of being one of the beta readers for this novel before Annette published it, and I can honestly and highly recommend it as a great read.

From first page to last, Zoe Taylor, LifeHolder, is one kick-ass chick; Daemon Kemp is one not-to-be-screwed-with DeathBringer; and together they create non-stop sparks, passion, and action. Read an excerpt here and you’ll see what I mean. Oh, and you can thank me later for the introduction. 😉




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2 responses to “RAPW: Shout-out to Annette McCleave”

  1. Annette McCleave Avatar

    Thanks for the shout out, Linda! Much appreciated. 🙂

    1. lindapoitevin Avatar

      My absolute pleasure, Annette! 🙂

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