PumpkInferno: A Walk on the Dark Side of Upper Canada Village

Upper Canada Village, an awesome historic site depicting life in the 1860s, is only about an hour’s drive from Ottawa. We used to go every year or two when our kids were small, but rarely get back there now that they’re grown. Last night marked an exception to this, and am I ever glad we made the effort!

Once upon a time, the village used to close at the end of harvest season (it’s an actual working village, so they have to get the crops in). Several years ago, however, they started looking for ways to extend their season, beginning with a light festival around the Christmas season (now in its 14th year), and then adding PumpkInferno (started in 2012). And oh, what an addition!

Consisting of nearly 6,000 carved pumpkins (a number which grows every year), the displays run through the entire village, and they are an artistic wonder. Scenes this year included a complete marshland, Noah’s Ark, a sunflower garden, a garden of snails, a tree filled with butterflies  and moths, a line-up of cars, a hall of astrological symbols, the old west…and so, so much more.  Below are a few of the photos I took (please excuse the questionable quality…I was using my iPhone) — I hope you enjoy! 🙂

(And if you’re in the Ottawa area, this is definitely something you should consider taking in. Details are on Upper Canada Village’s website.)

Swan Lake
Marsh scene…complete with beaver lodge in the centre
Tree filled with moths & butterflies
Totem poles
Moose and First Nations warrior
The wild west (complete with the theme song from The Good, The Bad & The Ugly playing…awesome!)
Gargoyle & friends
The monster mash…taking place in the church graveyard
One of the astrological symbols
A vehicle in the lineup of cars dating from earliest models to latest (the latter being a Ferrari, which my husband oohed & aahed over for some time…)
Tiger in front of Noah’s Ark
Noah’s zebras
Detail from the snail garden
Owl in a tree

Given how much we enjoyed the PumpkInferno display, I’m thinking we should make the effort to finally take in the Christmas one as well! 




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  1. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    Wow that’s fabulous! What fun 🙂

    1. Linda Avatar

      It really was a lot of fun, D.D. We’ll definitely go back…but I’ll dress warmer next time! 😉

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