Post-Con Musings


And just like that, life returns to normal.


(Kidding! Kind of… 😉 )

But it is post CAN-CON, which means that people have packed up and returned home to their day jobs and “other” lives. The hotel is most likely a little quieter in our absence. The adrenaline-fed high is gone. And the organizers are (I hope) giving themselves a well deserved pat on the back.

CAN-CON 2015 is over. And while I’m still a relative newbie there (this was my fourth time attending), I would have to say that it was the best yet. There may have been glitches going on below the surface (as will happen with any large event), but on the surface, it felt almost seamless. There were auld acquaintances renewed, new friendships forged, and a dazzling array of panels and talks to choose from (I missed the blood spatter analysis talk again…argh!).

On a personal level, it was by far the busiest con I’ve ever done. With a workshop, a reading, five panels, and four blue-pencil cafe sessions lined up for me, I was a bit concerned for my sanity levels going into the weekend (the writer as introvert stereotype holds true for me 😉 ). But I not only survived, I had an absolute blast doing it. It helped to have amazing panellists sharing the platform with me. Conversation never once flagged, humour flowed abundantly, and the exchange of ideas was nothing short of stellar. (You know it’s a good panel when you learn as much as a panellist as the audience does!)

So…back-to-back panels at future cons? Bring ’em on! 😉

But for now, normal means clearing the clutter from the house that accumulated while I was putting together slideshow presentations and hubby was handling Halloween. There’s laundry, catching up on emails, paying bills, and a whole lot of random stuff laying about that “someone” really ought to put away.

Oh yes, and a novella to write, too! 😀

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6 responses to “Post-Con Musings”

  1. nl.lavigne Avatar

    It was great seeing you there again this year. I loved being on a panel with you chatting about some of my favourite fantasy novels. And I am totally yoinking that graphic. 😀

  2. Susan N Avatar
    Susan N

    It was wonderful to meet you and your daughter! I learnt a great deal from this weekend about writing and the industry on both the ebook side and the traditional publishing side. And with it, I should be able to finally finish my first book 😀

    1. Linda Avatar

      Great to meet you, too, Susan! And yay to finishing novels!!! Good luck with it. 🙂

  3. femmefan1946 Avatar

    I blatantly stole that graphic for the CAN-CON 2016 Pinterest Board. No apologies.

    1. Linda Avatar

      Lol! You’re welcome to it. 🙂

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