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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen me dropping hints about a “secret project” over the last few weeks. I hadn’t intended to come clean quite so soon, but I’m really, really bad at keeping secrets — and I also need your help.

I’ve decided to dip my toes into the self-publishing waters with the re-release of A Fairy Tale for Gwyn, a contemporary romance I wrote back in 2010. Woot!

Despite what you might think after reading the Grigori Legacy series, my mind doesn’t always operate in dark, gritty mode. Some of you may already know that I have prior roots in the romance genre (or you may have guessed from those rather intense moments between Alex and Aramael!). To this day, I love the story of Gwyn and Gareth, and I think it deserves to be dusted off and sent out into the world again. So right now I’m working on a fresh edit (because wow, have I learned a lot over the last couple of years!), a new cover by Kanaxa, and — pay attention, because this is where all of you come in! — a new title.

The title A Fairy Tale for Gwyn was only ever intended as a working title but ended up being the final when my then-editor thought it fine and I couldn’t for the life of me come up with an alternate. Sadly, I’m still stuck and I still don’t like it.

So here’s the deal: Pitch me your best title suggestions based on the book blurb below. If I use your idea, I’ll change the name of one of the characters in the book to yours…and I’ll send you a finished digital copy. Sound like fun? Here’s the blurb:

Gwyn Jacobs doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Ever since her ex-husband walked out four years before, leaving her with three small children, Gwyn has been mother, father, and bread-winner all rolled into one. Her own scarred heart aside, she refuses to open up her children’s lives to the possibility of another heartbreak — so she has an unbending policy of no dating and no unattached men in their lives. Until her very own fairy tale falls into her lap…and the hero won’t take no for an answer.

Just to give you a little more background, the hero in question is a Hollywood film star — you could think of the book as Notting Hill with a role reversal and kids thrown in. 😉

Because I’m aiming for a June release, I need to come up with something fairly soon. So…you have until May 1st to submit your title ideas in a comment below. You can submit more than one idea…if two or more people submit the same title (and I choose to use it), the earliest date stamp wins.

Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise let’s get those thinking caps on, because I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂



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24 responses to “Name that book!”

  1. SharonS Avatar

    It Happened One Summer (insert appropriate season)


    Waking Gwyn

    Only in the Movies

  2. Julie A Avatar
    Julie A

    A Wish Upon a Star
    I Wish Upon a Star

  3. Sarah farrow Avatar
    Sarah farrow

    gwyn-derella haha sorry!

    sounds great .. can’t wait! x

    1. Linda Avatar

      I won’t be able to use that, Sarah, but I LOVE it!!! 😀

      1. Sarah farrow Avatar
        Sarah farrow

        haha.. shame!! x

  4. Sarah farrow Avatar
    Sarah farrow

    twice shy? (as in once bitten, twice shy?)

    Good Luck x

  5. Ashley S Avatar
    Ashley S

    Love Unannounced

    Lights, Camera, Love

    Happily Never After?

    From Heartbreak to Hollywood

    It can happen to you

    Out of the blue

    ……. I may have more… I am going to my cave to think of more…… 😀

  6. Elaine Avatar

    Stars In Her Eyes
    Reluctant Princess
    Gwendolyn Ever After

  7. Peadar Avatar

    A Mother’s Heart

  8. Kristin@Blood,Sweat,and Books Avatar
    Kristin@Blood,Sweat,and Books

    Welcome To My Un-Fairy Tale Life

  9. Sullivan McPig Avatar
    Sullivan McPig

    Charming Gwyn
    No Room For A Hero

  10. Peadar Avatar

    Heartbreak or Hollywood

  11. Sarah farrow Avatar
    Sarah farrow

    Starting Over

  12. Ashley S (My Two Cents) Avatar

    Chasing Gwyn

    Forever After

    Learning to Love Again

    Second Chances

    Winning Gwyn

    Star Struck Love

    Finding Love Again

    White Hot

    Finding Wonderland

    Finding Gwyn

    Hollywood Hero

    Letting Go

    …… back to the cave for more thinking!!! DUN DUN DA!

  13. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    Ok, here’s one: Like a River.

    It’s from the quote by Crystal Middlemas, “Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.”

    Going to keep brainstorming on this 🙂

  14. D. D. Syrdal Avatar

    Or: Granting Wishes

  15. Scarlet Avatar

    Fairy tails come true, if you believe in love.
    Second Chance for Gwyn.
    Reluctant love.
    Until you.

  16. Ashley S Avatar

    Ok…more idears….. *deep inhale*

    Keep Holding On

    A Mothers Love

    Truely Madly Deeply

    Leap Of Faith

    Sigh….i think thats all….for now

    With Out You

    Strength Within

    Mr. Hollywood; Mr. RIGHT?

    Gwyn’s Journey

    Can’t Fight Love

    Anything For You

  17. Scarlet Avatar

    Love Unexpected
    Learning to love again.
    Fairy tales come true because of you.
    A hero for my kids, a love for me.
    Not movie magic, just love
    Unscripted love

  18. Ariel Avatar

    The first thing that came to mind was a mom (apron on over work clothes, hair a tad crazed, hands on hips, and a no-none-sense frown on her face) on the cover over the title ‘As If’.

    ‘Happily Ever After, Not’
    ‘Knight in Shining Armani’
    ‘Don’t Need Rescued’
    ‘Star Struck’ (I think someone else had that one though)
    ‘No-None-Sense Princess’
    ‘The Three Little Bears’ (haha, mostly cause that’s what the kids made me think of)
    ‘Ride Into the Sunset’
    ‘Dragons Need Not Apply’ or ‘Charming Needs Not Apply’

    I am sure I can come up with more, but you’ll get plenty!

  19. Stephanie Avatar

    It’s so much harder to do this than I thought, plus all I can think of are clichés LOL but I’ll give it a shot:

    Written in the Stars
    Reluctant Love
    Brake for the Star

    Good luck!

  20. Ashley S (My Two Cents) Avatar


    Only Human

    Can’t Fight This Feeling (………anymore! *hums to self*)

    Letting Loose

    Freeing Gwyn

    GWYN AND MR HOLLLYWOOD GET IT ON!? (ok this is NOT a serious entry but I think its funny)

    Seducing Gwyn

  21. Stella (Ex Libris) Avatar

    I really like Happily Never After – it alludes to fairy tales, romances yet is playful and unique 🙂

  22. Ashley S (My Two Cents) Avatar

    I like it too!! so glad I thought of it lol 🙂

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