The Mysterious Case of the Missing Zucchini

If you think it would be difficult to misplace two rather large zucchinis, you don’t know me very well.

Because I’ve managed to do so.

Two very large zucchinis, to be exact. Measuring roughly 15 inches each.

I picked them out of the garden yesterday, and I remember carrying them around with me while I did a number of other little garden chores such as watering my hanging baskets and potted plants. And then I remember going into the house to make dinner, clean the kitchen, and do laundry…but I don’t remember what I did with the two very large zucchinis.

Why is that a problem? Because after waking in the middle of the night with the realization that I’d lost them uppermost in my mind, my search (don’t worry, I waited until daylight!) has so far been unproductive. And if I can’t find them, two very large zucchinis will eventually produce a very large, slimy, and likely smelly mess when they decompose.

So far, I’ve been through the entire garden (front and back) and house twice. Without success.

Stay tuned. This could get ugly in a few weeks. 

UPDATE: The elusive vegetables have been found hiding in a corner of my kitchen! Also, I really need to clean that room, apparently… 😛




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6 responses to “The Mysterious Case of the Missing Zucchini”

  1. melissabanczak Avatar

    Have you checked the water can area and water hose hook ups?

    1. Linda Avatar

      Yep. Retraced every step I could think of. It’s a mystery, I tell ya. 😉

  2. Elaine Todd Avatar
    Elaine Todd

    Not, as a rule, something that someone would steal!!!

    1. Linda Avatar

      My thoughts exactly! 😀

  3. Anne MacEneaney Avatar
    Anne MacEneaney

    They’ll turn up when you’re not looking for them, that’s always the way.

    1. Linda Avatar

      So true, lol!

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