Musical Monday: Writing Playlist Part 1


Several readers have asked me what songs I listen to while I write, suggesting that I should put my playlist up on my website.  With a whopping 167 items currently on said playlist, however, the task is a daunting one. Then, when I posted about Dancing With My Muse last week, it suddenly occurred to me that I could break the list down over several blog posts. What an awesome idea, right? (I knew you’d like it. ;))

And the really genius part? At ten songs per post, I have about 16 weeks worth of Musical Monday blog posts all lined up.  Booyah! 😀

Starting at the top of my list as it appears on my iPhone, here is this week’s list:

  1. Never Too Late, by Three Days Grace
  2. Break, by Three Days Grace
  3. Rolling In the Deep, by Adele
  4. Heaven Coming Down, by The Tea Party
  5. Save Me, by The Tea Party
  6. Man In the Box, by Alice In Chains
  7. Hero, by Chad Kroeger
  8. Dream On, by Aerosmith
  9. Paint It Black, by The Rolling Stones
  10. What I’ve Done, by Linkin Park

Tune in next week (pun intended ;)) for the next ten…and happy listening in the meantime! 🙂



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