Musical Monday: Part 4

It’s week four in the Great Grigori Legacy Playlist unveiling — have you got your headphones/earbuds? 🙂

Continuing from Part 3, in no particular order other than that of purchase:

  1. Jeremy, by Pearl Jam

  2. Sail, by AWOLNATION (just a little aside here: I love, love, love this song…first heard during a So You Think You Can Dance Canada episode, which I’m still miffed about them cancelling, btw. :()

  3. You’re Going Down, by Sick Puppies (who comes up with some of these band names, anyway?)

  4. Angel, by Sarah McLachlan (incidentally, this is the song that sowed the seed that became the Grigori Legacy)

  5. I’m Not Jesus, by Apocalyptica (featuring Corey Taylor)

  6. S.O.S., by Apocalyptica (one of my favorite bands ever…I mean, four hot guys with cellos? Playing rock music? What’s not to love?!?)

  7. Refuse/Resist, by Apocalyptica

  8. One, by Apocalyptica (I did mention I like them, right? ;))

  9. End of Me, by Apocalyptica (featuring Gavin Rossdale)

40. Not Strong Enough, by…ahem…Apocalyptica (featuring Brent Smith)

Soooo…apart from my apparent Apocalyptica obsession this time around, I hope you enjoy. See you next Monday! 🙂

(If you missed the earlier Musical Monday entries, you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)



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