Mother’s Day Romance Giveaway!

Moms are awesome, don’t you think? Me, too. I also think they’re deserving of something extra special on their day. (The fact that I’ll be out rebuilding my vegetable garden on Mother’s Day has absolutely no bearing on this whatsoever.  In hubby’s defense, he’d rather take me out to lunch…but I need my garden. 😉 )

So in keeping with the extra-special idea, I’ll be holding a draw for a Mother’s Day Romance Giveaway gift package containing a hand-crocheted (by me!) Celtic love knot infinity scarf (lightweight and perfect for coolish summer evenings), a jar of my homemade gardener’s hand cream, and a signed copy of my newest romance, Forever Grace.


Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter on your mom’s behalf or your own–or even for a special friend/sibling. Contest is open to anyone 18 years or older in Canada or the U.S., and I’ll announce the winner on Sunday, May 10th. Good luck! 🙂


Woot!!! Stephanie M., congratulations — you’re my winner!!! I’ll be in touch via email to get your mailing address. 

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30 responses to “Mother’s Day Romance Giveaway!”

  1. Valerie Rae Millard Avatar
    Valerie Rae Millard

    Would love to win any if these amazing items Linda

  2. carolyne01 Avatar

    How awesome for you to do something special for us mother’s on mother’s day. Thank you.

  3. Kathleen Avatar

    OoOo! Yep, totally would be a gift for me. Selfish, yes yes I am! (But only when it comes to books)

  4. ratmom Avatar

    I can crochet in a straight line but that scarf is so cute.

  5. Ashleigh Avatar

    Great 🙂 I would divide it between my mom and grandma 🙂

  6. Laurie Stewart Avatar

    My mom would love this.

  7. Elaine Avatar

    I love that scarf!!

  8. Kelsey Avatar

    To be honest I want to win this for me! I’m a mother to two kitties, that counts right? 😛

  9. bn100 Avatar


  10. Karen Avatar

    This would likely be for me, as my Mum passed away May 10, 2008 (the day before Mother’s Day that year). But I’d think of her every time I wore the scarf.

  11. Gwen suter Avatar
    Gwen suter

    I would enjoy these gifts. My mom has passed away but I think of her every day!

  12. wrkreads Avatar

    I’d share. Read the book and use the hand cream, then gift the scarf and the book to my mom or sister. I’m just not a scarf person, but it is gorgeous.

  13. corkroseKay Avatar

    Yes please – I would read the book, give the handcream to my husband (whose hands are always dry) & share the scarf with my daughter (I love scarves & books)

  14. Treen Goodwin Avatar
    Treen Goodwin

    I would give it to my Wonderful Mom , she deserves something nice , thanks for the chance 🙂

  15. lynnbeanie23 Avatar


  16. Stephanie Avatar

    I might keep some and give some to my mom 🙂 she would love your books!

  17. Robyn Bellefleur Avatar
    Robyn Bellefleur

    For my mom.

  18. Zee Avatar

    Actually, It will be split between my, my mom, and my mother-in-law. There is something that each of us likes in this lil bundle.

  19. lori b Avatar
    lori b

    I would share with my mom

  20. Suzanne Desjardins Avatar
    Suzanne Desjardins

    Linda, I loved your book:Gwinneth….Congratulations!….and I hope you have a wonderful Mother,s Day!, xxox

  21. Elizabeth Avatar

    I’ll give the beautiful scarf and hand cream to my mother. As for the book, I’ll keep it because it’s amazing!

  22. Amy Earnshaw-Romans Avatar
    Amy Earnshaw-Romans

    What a great mothers day giveaway!!! I might keep the book for myself but the scarf and hand cream will go to my own mother :D:D

  23. Lily Meza Avatar
    Lily Meza

    Women or Mother’s of the worth unite! I’ll most likely give the cream to my mom since she loves to try different scents. I’ll probably share the scarf with my grandma since she does and appreciate good crocheting! And lastly i shall keep the book for myself and enjoy your amazing story since i need to find out what happens! <3

  24. Wendy Shults Avatar
    Wendy Shults

    I love your books. I will be splitting it all with my sisters mother n daughter book I will keep I’m hooked. Thank you for sharing your books n Happy Mother’s Day

  25. Yvonne Black Avatar
    Yvonne Black

    I plan on spending the relaxing and day reading all day ! We am blessed with 3 rug rats that keep us very busy and my husband will have to figure out what to feed them. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!!!

  26. Laura “Jax” C Avatar

    I think it’s sweet of you to do this. I’d share the book with my mom, but keep the scarf and hand cream for myself.

  27. Michelle Avatar

    I would give it to my mom, she loves to read. She potty trained me and even though there were times she wanted to throttle me, I’m happy she restrained herself. 🙂

  28. Chelly Avatar

    Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your gardening.

  29. Elizabeth Avatar

    I’d keep the book and swag and give the scarf to my momma! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Happy Mother’s Day!

  30. gabriellecomp Avatar

    Oh my mom would love this!!!

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