Monday Musings & Ill-Timed Injuries

I’ll be on the road tomorrow, so instead of Tuesday Tidbits, I give you Monday musings…mostly because I wanted another chance to wish you all a Happy New Year, and perhaps in order to feel just a little sorry for myself, because tomorrow’s the day we move youngest daughter to Toronto…and yesterday was the day I managed to wreck my leg. 😛

It’s all soft-tissue damage, so nothing too serious. Painful, yes, but my chiropractor assures me it will heal. We won’t have a complete picture until the swelling comes down enough to check the ligaments, of course, but I’m determined to stay positive. The real kicker is that I’m somewhat out of commission for all that shopping we need to do to get an apartment set up, so it looks like I’m going to be whizzing around IKEA and Costco in a wheelchair or one of those scooter thingies with the shopping basket attached to it. (Daughter offered to also borrow a wheelchair so she and I could have races, but I vetoed the idea. I’m such a killjoy. 😉 )

Having logged 55 km of walking since Christmas, I’m rather offended by the whole injury thing, especially because the main culprit appears to be a severe spasm in my hamstring. I mean, really? All that walking, and I give myself the equivalent of a Charlie-horse while snowblowing the driveway? I guess those warm-up and cool-down stretches I’ve been avoiding may be more important than I thought they were at my age. 😛

Anyway, there you have it…a new year, an empty nest, and a reminder that I’m not as young as I like to think I am.

Please tell me your 2016 got off to a somewhat smoother start…? 😀





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2 responses to “Monday Musings & Ill-Timed Injuries”

  1. valerieraemillard Avatar

    Hang in there and get better soon Linda ?

    1. Linda Poitevin Avatar

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