Monday musings…

Well, it appears that Time has done it to me again: it’s September.

As in no longer August.

Or summer.

Already things are winding down in my garden; already I’m eyeing the budget wondering when I can order the winter supply of firewood and beef; already I’m wondering what my daughters will want for (and I can’t believe I’m even thinking this yet!) CHRISTMAS, of all things. <shudder>

Oh, I know we still have a good couple of months of decent weather to come. In fact, our warm daytime temperatures and sticky humidity aren’t showing any signs of abating just yet. I even have time to plant seeds for a fall garden as long as I use a cold frame of some sort (and if I get my butt in gear ;)).

But the shift has undoubtedly begun. The birds are quieter now that nesting and raising little ones is done, the days are depressingly shorter and evenings distinctly cooler, the trees have begun changing colour…even the smell of the air has changed.

Yep, it’s September, all right…and I am SO not ready for it! <sigh>

How about you? Are you happy or sad to see the summer end?




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3 responses to “Monday musings…”

  1. Laurie-hester Avatar

    I’m always a little sad to see summer end, but autumn is so beautiful and the air smells so clean I get over the sadness pretty quick. I would never trade the changing seasons for a climate that is always the same…would you?

  2. Sandy Coelho Avatar

    Hmmm. A little of both I suppose. September equals routines, kids back in school, and more time for me, to do things I want (write, read, knit, garden). I will also miss the casualness of summer. The days when you could sleep in if you wanted, go on an unplanned day trip, sit by the fire pit and roast marshmallows until the wee hours with your family. I do enjoy the change in seasons – in our family we remember events by the season – not by dates so much. 🙂

  3. Linda Avatar

    Oh, don’t get me wrong — I love the change of seasons! I’m just not so thrilled with how quickly they seem to do so…*sigh*

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