Maple Iced Coffee…You’re Welcome

With the advent of the hot weather here in Ottawa (finally!), I’ve been taking the opportunity to inhale drink my morning caffeine in iced form. I’ve actually been meaning to post my personal method for iced coffee for a while, because it’s so good that it must be shared, but of course, between one thing and another, it kept getting pushed to the bottom of my list until now.

What’s so special about now? It turns out that our recent Scottish guest liked it (almost) as much as I do, and he’s  requested the instructions for it, and…well.

You know what they say about two birds, one stone. 😉

So here you go — maple iced coffee, the ultimate summer-morning-in-a-glass recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Maple Iced Coffee

1. Start with a cold brew coffee base – I use The Pioneer Woman’s method. (That’s her photo below, too.)

.002 (2)

  1. Fill a glass with however much ice you like. (I prefer cubes, but I’m using crushed because our ice maker is stuck on that setting, and I’m too lazy to take the freezer apart every time I want a cold drink. 😛 )

.002 (2)

  1. Add maple syrup to taste. I find that about 1 1/2 tablespoons gives a lovely maple flavour in a 12-ounce glass without making it too sweet. You’ll have to adjust for larger/smaller glasses, and for your own tastes in sweetness.


  1. Add cold brew coffee, leaving room for milk.

.003 (2)

  1. Add milk. We use almond milk** in our house, but regular cow’s milk will work, too, as will soy. I haven’t tried other alternatives (i.e. rice or hemp), so I can’t guarantee the outcome on those. You’ll probably end up playing around with the amount to find what works for you. I take my hot coffee black, so I don’t use a lot of milk in my iced version — if you’re ordinarily a heavy milk/cream user, you’ll most likely want to leave more room than I did.


  1. Stir, find a quiet spot, and enjoy! 🙂

.004 (2)


**Note: If you’re using almond milk like I do, you may find that it separates in the glass after it sits for a bit, giving the iced coffee a grainy appearance. While this looks weird, it doesn’t affect the taste at all.



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6 responses to “Maple Iced Coffee…You’re Welcome”

  1. Sandy Williams Avatar

    That sounds soooo good, especially now since my coffee maker has been broken for two weeks. 🙁

    1. Linda Avatar

      You’ve had NO COFFEE FOR TWO WEEKS?!? OMG…how are you even functioning?!? I hope you’ll try the iced version, if only for the sake of your children! 😉

  2. valerieraemillard Avatar

    I always have a container of cold brewed coffee in the fridge …all year long. That way I have it for my iced coffees in the warm weather but I also add it to my morning chocolate protein shakes so it end up with a mocha shake …yummy! I will definitely try adding maple syrup to my next iced coffee …thanks Linda 🙂

    1. Linda Avatar

      Mmm…mocha shakes. What a lovely start to your day! 🙂

  3. Bea @Bea's Book Nook Avatar

    Mmmm, I need to try this. I enjoy iced coffee all year long though I usually get it from the coffee shop. In the summer I drink it maybe one or two times a week while in the winter maybe once or twice a month.

    1. Linda Avatar

      Iced coffee in the winter?!? You’re a warmer-blooded woman than I… 😉

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