Letting Go

I’m in the final stretch of writing for SINS OF THE SON, the second book in The Grigori Legacy, and I am struggling. Not with the story – well, not currently, anyway  🙂 – but with writing the end of it. Why? Because I’ve figured out I don’t like endings. For me, they’re just too much like goodbyes, which I’ve never liked either. When I eat, sleep, and breath a story for months on end, it gets to the point where my characters have been with me every moment of every day for so long that I can no longer remember life without them. The point where saying goodbye to them is like bidding farewell to a part of myself.

In this case, some of them will be following me through into book three, but there is still a process of letting go that I need to do. A chapter in their lives that I need to close, and a book in mine.

How ironic that, after agonizing over every single one of more than 90,000 words, it turns out the hardest ones to write are ‘the end’.




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