Kitchen Yoga With Cats

I’m horribly undisciplined when it comes to following an exercise routine. Something in me balks at the thought of schedules in general, and scheduling activities that I don’t particularly enjoy? Yeah, I resent that most. 😛

Because I know exercise is good for me, however (and that I feel so much better when I do partake!), I’ve found ways of working it into my day so that it doesn’t feel like I’m having to set aside ‘real’ time for doing so. I take long walks with Giant Dog–he needs a good run every day, so it’s for his benefit rather than mine (nudge nudge wink wink 😉 ). I park as far away from the store as I can when I run errands. I take the stairs in buildings rather than the elevator. And I do my stretches while my morning coffee brews…much to the great delight of my cats.

It turns out that my coffee machine–one that first grinds the beans and then brews–takes exactly five minutes to create two large mugs of morning elixir. That’s just enough time for me to do the wake-up yoga routine from the book Easy Yoga by Jude Reignier. Press the button on the machine, step back, and assume the mountain pose for one minute. Then into letting go for another minute–essentially a touch-your-toes kind of thing. This is where the cats become interested, because if I’m bending over to their level, it must be because I want to pet them, right?

From there, it’s back to being upright again in the standing fish pose followed by the wide-leg triangle, which leaves my felines slightly miffed at the withdrawal of my attention for the next two minutes. Ah, but then the downward dog occurs and all is well, because this is the perfect position for rubbing of fuzzy backs beneath my nose…which generally results in either a sneeze or giggles on my part. Or both.

Of course, by now both my yoga and my coffee are done, and true insult sets in. Tails twitching, both cats wander off in disgust at my lack of worship, and the rest of my morning routine ensues.

Kitchen yoga with cats…I can’t imagine it any other way. 😉

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